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Re: [tlug] mojibake? emoji? (was: perl?)

Darren Cook writes:

 > What font/setting/extension do I need to be able to view them, in
 > Thunderbird, on Linux Mint? (I pasted into a text editor, and still get
 > mojibake, so I think it is a font I need?)

I think anything with a full set of emoji (all of which live in the
same astral plane of Unicode) should do.  Worked for me in an Apple
Terminal with several Apple fonts, but always the same glyph so I sort
of guess that Terminal scarfs it as a backup from a separate font.

Unfortunately none of the fontconfig commands allow you to seach for a
single character, and "emoji" isn't an RFC 3199 language.  In fact
there is a feature of RFC 5646 that allows you to embed a script in
the language tag.  You could try "fc-list en-Zsye" which means "list
fonts for English written in the Symbols (Emoji variant) script", but
that pulled up nothing for me.  Maybe I'll cons up a utility that
allows you to specify a list of characters and query for fonts
providing them later, but I wouldn't be upset if somebody beats me to
it. ;-)


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