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Re: [tlug] Chrome or Firefox window titles

Curt Sampson writes:

 > Well, I'm guessing you're not actually using all of these all at once,
 > but more doing a sort of short-term bookmarking thing. What about trying
 > [One-tab]( Does that sort of address the
 > issue?

So, thanks to Curt, I've been using One-Tab for 4 months now, and the
bottom line is it doesn't scale.  The three main problems are that it
doesn't do very well at adding new tabs to a group (it tends to create
a new group), the group editor -- which is quite nice at small scale
-- sucks if you've got more than a windowful of tab groups because (at
least in Chrome) I can't get it to move past a window boundary, and
there's no way to reorder groups, only move individual tabs.  The
thing is that I'd like to keep all the groups I currently have, but
some of them I'm unlikely to return to for months (potential research
or hacking projects, that kind of thing).  If I could move a group as
a whole to the bottom, and then back to the top if and when my
interest revives, that would help a lot.

OTOH, if you tend to create groups, work on them, finish the project,
and just want a sort of record of resources used, I bet One-Tab would
be pretty well adapted to that workflow.

By the way, at the time I didn't respond to the "not actually using"
comment, but in retrospect I think I probably was actually using
pretty much all of them.  I'm now down to about 5 windows, and yes, I
actually do find that over a period of a day I refer to 3 or 4 of
them, and over a week all.  At the time, I was involved in evaluating
students for 3 GSoC projects, maintaining project information for one,
and doing org admin stuff for two, and all that probably did account
for about 10 windows, all of which would be active even over a 24-hour

So while I admit that was a very unusual situation even for me, I
think a good application should be able to scale as well as a single
human user does. :-)

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