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[tlug] [OFFTOPIC] Mangos

Dear All,

I apologise for the off-topic post but would like to appeal to readers of the list, epecially those who reside in Japan to encourage your local supermarket to carry Philippine mangos and make a commitment to buy them if they start to carry them.

They are very tasty and healthy for you but it will also serve a just cause as I shall explain:

As you may be aware, yesterday, the court of arbitration of the law of the seas at The Hague passed a verdict in a case brought by the Philippines against China under the convention of the law of the seas of which both countries are signatories and thereby submitted themselves under the authority of the court in case of any disputes they were unable to settle out of court.

The Verdict sided mostly with the Philippines in that several disputed reefs and sandbanks in the South China Sea that fall within the 200 miles exclusive economic zone of the Philippines were not capabable of establishing any exclusive zones for whoever controls these reefs and sandbanks. The PRC had held that they had a right to an exclusive zone around the reefs and sandbanks they control and on that basis they had denied Philippine fishermen access to fishing grounds within the Philippine 200 mile zone under the convention.

Unfortunately, in a show of bad sportsmanship, China has chosen sour grapes instead of accepting the verdict of the court and their propaganda machine has started rolling against the Philippines in retaliation.

This has now prompted Chinese social media to call for a boycott of Philippine mangos which will cause economic hardship to Philippine mango farmers.

Our friends in the Phillipines need and deserve our help at this time and the best thing we can do is try to spread the word and get social media working in the opposite direction thereby creating demand for these delicious fruits in Japan and elsewhere to make up as much as possible for the losses they will undoubtedly suffer in the Chinese market now.

All freedom loving people will appreciate your consideration and please share this appeal wherever you see fit to give it wider exposure.


(who got his wallet back by the way, should have mentioned it earlier, I know)

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