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Re: [tlug] [JOBS] SysAdmin for a CentOS LSF Cluster at Osaka University (Suita)

Dear Sir,

Greetings. I received your message as below. I'm part of "TLUG" for some time after my own friend, organizer of "TLUG" and fellow Brazilian, Alberto Tomita.

I certainly qualify on all counts, technical at least. The only piece missing for me is fluent Japanese, which is very basic in my case. I visit Japan regularly, including OSaka which I did last November.

I run my own stack of IT stuff, in-house. Server stack of my own hardware. I build my own servers, desktops and everything, running LINUX exclusively. Basically I'm a "one-stop shop" LINUX guy for all your IT needs since 1998.

So, I don't actually need a new job but rather the Japanese experience. So, if for some reason it fits the bill, I'll be more than happy to further discuss. Schools are sometimes looking for diversity. I'm 40, speaking 4 languages, looking for my 5th (Japanese).

Anyway. Thank you for your attention.

On 07/12/2016 03:37 AM, John wrote:
Hello TLUG,

I work with a bioinformatics research laboratory at Osaka University.
I was referred to you all by Ken Ho who is a Linux advocate here in Kansai.

              フェルナンド・G・シュヴァルツ ~ / ++55-21-4042-4010 [@GMT-3]

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