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[tlug] [JOBS] SysAdmin for a CentOS LSF Cluster at Osaka University (Suita)

Hello TLUG,

I work with a bioinformatics research laboratory at Osaka University.
I was referred to you all by Ken Ho who is a Linux advocate here in Kansai.

We are looking for a computing cluster SysAdmin to take over from our
current SysAdmin who is moving to a research role. Ken thought you all
might have some advice for me on resources to find a SysAdmin who can
manage a CentOS LSF research computing cluster - specialist recruiters,
TLUG job board, etc.  I am already aware of the general tech recruiting

If you have any recommendations or if you are interested yourself,
please reply or contact me directly john _ ifrec osaka-u ac jp.

I confirmed with the listmaster that job posts / advice are ok but
apologies if I've messed something up.


Outline of Environment, Opportunity and Requirements
Biotechnology is an industry with massive growth opportunity and the
Systems Immunology Laboratory at Osaka University is one of the
top-performing research labs in this area. We are 20 researchers looking
for a Systems Administrator to keep our computing cluster running
smoothly and help us move toward a DevOps mindset. You will work with
bioinformatics researchers as we develop and deploy software tools for
the biotech community. We are an internationally diverse team so both
English and Japanese are necessary. In addition to system administration
you will have the opportunity (but no requirement) to expand your skill
set by learning cutting-edge bioinformatics methods.

Tasks you should be able to do already
- Maintain good relationships with researchers, vendors, network
  administrators, etc. in both English and Japanese.
- Install, configure, monitor, maintain CentOS (or similar) systems.
  (RHCT and/or Cisco certifications will be a plus)
- Install, configure, monitor, maintain simple sites for our
  bioinformatics tools on an apache reverse proxy.
- Install, configure, monitor, maintain basic databases for research use
  (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
- Ensure reasonable security measures are in place for code and data.
- Write scripts for automation and various tasks.

Tasks you would need to know or learn
- Manage nodes and structure of an LSF distributed computing cluster.
- _javascript_ for simple sites.
- Python for automation of research-oriented tasks.

Timing, contract and hours
- The position is available immediately.
- We are looking for a full time person but could consider part-time if
  you are very experienced and efficient.
- The position has very regular hours that are required to be on-site.
  The only exception will be if there is a server failure or outage which
  has happened infrequently in the past.

The people and location
Our team comes from around the world and we welcome people from all
backgrounds. We work on the beautiful Suita biotech campus area of Osaka
University. You will have full control of and responsibility for our
computing cluster. You will also have the full support of the outgoing
Systems Administrator, the research team and the Osaka University IT


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