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[tlug] Google Earth on Linux

For years I have tried every workaround suggested for
seeing the panorama pictures on Google Earth in Linux.
No dice.

Seems they work for some, but not for most of the
responders. Never for me on any machine or distro. Until
now. And it seems that this one works for most people
who try it. It has worked on every machine I've tried it on.

AAMOF, just today I installed some software and wrecked
GE on my Mint 17.3 machine. It would crash immediately
on startup. I reran just lines 5 ~ 8, which is what you are
told to do in case of GE "upgrades" that ruin the fix. GE is
once again running happily on that machine.

Just thought I'd share it in case some people have been
as frustrated as I have.

I could copy and paste the instructions here, but in order
not to annoy recipients, I'll just note the website:

Ralph Sumner
Chiba City, Japan

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