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Re: [tlug] Install Win 7 under VMware

Hi Thomas,

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 5:45 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz <> wrote:
> Maybe unrelated, but interesting:
> My version is Windows 7 Professional. That is what the label on teh DVD
> says.
> Googling showed, that this version DOES NOT allow the installtion of the
> Japanese language pack.
> Only Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise can do that.
> So, I "reinstalled", choosing "Ultimate" as version.
> Installs just fine. Also allows installation of the Japanese language
> pack*, an option that was not available with Professional.
> Apparently, this one DVD contains all "versions".

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your problem...

But about the above, did you purchase Windows 7 or was it an OEM that
came with the manufacturer?  I purchased a Dell desktop in Japan and
when I bought it, I was told by the salesperson that the system comes
with just Japanese Windows (I think it was's been a while).
Anyway, I needed a computer, so I didn't complain.  While looking for
drivers, I popped the recovery disc in and was surprised to see both
English and Japanese on the same disc.  So, I promptly took the disc
and replaced Japanese Windows with English.

It's possible that the dealer just didn't know.  Or, they purposely
indicate less than what the disc offers for some strange reason.  I
wouldn't have hesitated in my purchase if I knew it came with an
English OS -- that was what I was looking for and I lucked out.  (Of
course, that same system ended up being dual boot with Linux, but
knowing that I can read the other OS if I ever needed it was
reassuring...  My Japanese level is far below many of you...)


PS:  Moral of the story is to not wait until your system fails to open
up your recovery discs.  ;-)  Of course now, it's a recovery

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