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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction

Bruno Raoult writes:

 > > Who's to say "the old guy" wasn't right to ask you?  It could have
 > > gone otherwise.  Can you say different?
 > Yes I can: He was just afraid.

In other words, you deny the testimony of two recent posters looking
for help, as well one of our long time posters, not to mention that of
somebody who agrees with you -- but he likely wouldn't be quite so
supportive if that particular scanner had been mission-critical to him.

 > > Do you know any wiki software running on a Windows system?
 > Are you joking ? I don't know if you meant "I use". I don't, I do
 > not have Windows.  But obviously I know by name and know the usage,
 > as you surely do.

No, I actually have no idea what you're talking about.  That's why I

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