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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction

Since your issue seems to be with dictionaries and not so much with other software, I'd suggest that you stick to Windows until you can get them to work on Linux (either with Wine or by converting their data files to something that a linux dictionary software can read).

As a translator too, I work exclusively on Mac and all the dictionaries I can't use because "Windows only" are replaced by online searches. I had a very nice and relatively expensive French dictionary (Le Robert) but they refused to provide for free a version of the application that was compatible with new OSX versions so I stopped using it.

You don't seem to use translation memory software but there are plenty of professional TM suites/tools that work on any platform *and* are free software (OmegaT, Heartsome, Okapi etc).

Jean-Christophe Helary 

> On Jun 26, 2015, at 10:56, Thomas <> wrote:
> Good morning.
> My name is Thomas, I am a native German but have been living in Japan
> for 36 years. Apart from being an acupuncturist
> I work here as a freelance translator for about 30 years.
> That is, where the computer comes in. In the good old days a mechanical
> typewriter would do just fine,
> but today everybody has to use computers for everything, so that Big
> Brother can be watching.
> I am NOT particularly fond of computers and definitely NOT any sort of
> specialist, but need to work with the computer.
> I need: a wordprocessing tool → for years now I have been using
> LibreOffice / a mailer / a browser / a whole lot of dictionaries (I will
> come to this again).
> When I press the key "A", I would like to get an "A" on my screen, if
> printed on paper and be able to send (mail!) that "A" to whoever has
> requested it.
> As long as the tool(s) = computer can give me that, I am not much
> interested in the inner workings of the machine and I am not really
> warming up to the idea
> of learning a whole new language ("computer") just in order to use that
> tool.
> For many years now I am more or less desperately trying to get away from
> Microsoft products, but Linux is definitely NOT facilitating this process.
> My first encounter was with something called "Linguas OS = Linux for
> translators" (ubuntu based).
> When I found that, 7-8 years ago, I first was very excited having
> finally found something just for me.
> It quickly turned out, however, that I could not make it work .. AT ALL!
> Since then I have been trying on an off for more than 7 years, using
> multiple machines, multiple "versions" / "flavors" of Linux
> (the stack of CDs/DVDs I burnt already stretches to the moon) and spend
> hundreds of hours on end on my efforts; probably 50-100 times more/longer
> than on all my other machines/OSs put together. And I am getting nowhere.
> By now I can install the system, because I did that hundreds of times
> already, but everything beyond that stage .. is an endless stream of
> trouble.
> One after the other. The well advertised "Linux just works^TM is
> something, I have not yet experienced over all these years. Sometimes I
> am really asking myself, why I still keep trying.
> On multiple mailing lists pertaining to the relevant flavors, I
> regularly (usually very quick) am told, that if I "don't know s**t about
> computers, I should not dare go near the da** thing."
> And/or, when I ask stupid questions like whether Linux needs antivirus
> software (I asked, because I didn't/don't know), some people point out,
> that the asker is probably a "person of below average intelligence
> (retard)". That is probably true, but not helpful.
> After all this, I sometimes tend to get a little grumpy and frustrated
> (showing in my language).
> So, here is not THE, but MY thing.
> I am almost 60 years old, have rather limited computer skills, DO NOT
> understand "computer mumble-jumble", but NEED a computer for work.
> 20 years ago I temporarily worked with Mac, but now Windows machines
> (ALL translation agencies usually ask for Windows files).
> And I also need some stuff, Linux apparently does not offer, like proper
> dictionaries etc. THAT is, where virtual machines and Wine etc. come
> into play.
> Right now, my "production machines" are: at home = new computer running
> Windows8.1, my little acupuncture clinic = Optiplex 620 still running WinXP
> (I get blackmailed from the translation agencies, telling me, they will
> not send me any new work, unless I "upgrade" my system).
> Besides that I have a notebook PC running Win7; two notebooks from my
> kids running kubuntu 14.04, 64-bit and xubuntu 14.04, 32-bit (Tuxtrans)
> respectively.
> Since "Mint" is the flavor that appeals to me most, I installed Mint
> 17.1 Cinnamon, 64-bit on the Optiplex 745, which used to be my
> production machine at home.
> So, this is not exactly an "experimental machine".
> I had hoped, I could get it up and running sufficiently, to replace the
> WinXP machine.
> And people on the other side of the world suggested, THIS LIST could be
> place, where I can find the help I really need.
> With your permission, I would like to ask a number of probably stupid
> questions AND would appreciate answers in plain English
> even a retard like me can understand. If it helps .. I do speak and
> write Japanese and German too.
> Thank you.
> In the hope of not being too offensive.
> Thomas
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