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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction

Darren Cook writes:

 > > For many years now I am more or less desperately trying to get
 > > away from Microsoft products, ...
 > Why?

That's a little blunt. :-)  You're right, though, his requirements
sound like he really can't get away from Windows, so he'd save himself
grief by just using Windows.

 > I'm not sure on the current state of Translation Memory software's
 > Linux support, or how plugins integrate with OpenOffice, but as
 > you've described yourself as someone who just wants to get work
 > done, I would definitely go with a Windows machine rather than
 > trying to use Wine.
 > Wine takes the hard parts of Windows and multiplies them by the hard
 > parts of Linux.

Indeed.  Wine is one of those things that you use on principle, not
because it's really the best solution to any of the practical
information processing problems I've ever heard of.

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