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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction

> For many years now I am more or less desperately trying to get away from
> Microsoft products, ...


I'm not sure on the current state of Translation Memory software's Linux
support, or how plugins integrate with OpenOffice, but as you've
described yourself as someone who just wants to get work done, I would
definitely go with a Windows machine rather than trying to use Wine.

Wine takes the hard parts of Windows and multiplies them by the hard
parts of Linux.

But, if the TM software your agencies use has a Linux version, or
OpenOffice plugins, that would be my first choice. Linux Mint is
slightly easier to get set up than a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine
(though there is no much in it: by that I mean that both processes are
95% trivial, but both are 5% confusion and heart-ache.)

All of the above assuming Stephen's suggestion of finding someone to
come round and sort it all out for you is not practical - that is
definitely the best idea :-)


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