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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint

On 2015/06/26 6:49, Darren Cook wrote:
But I cannot make it work.
Ctrl+Alt+F1 => I get the console
"sudo adduser xxx => I am asked for a password.
Once you're logged in, and see the "$" prompt, do you type "sudo adduser
xxx". It will then ask for *your* password again. This is "sudo" asking
for the password.

Then during the creation of user "xxx" it will ask you to choose the new
password, twice.
Good morning and thank you.
I went over this again this morning and MAYBE got it right - or at least better:
1)    Ctrl+Al!+F1 -> login as the user I registered originally
2)    entering my original password
3)    then the "sudo adduser" thing
4)    entered new user name
5)    entered different password
       ... and few steps later this process was done.

Now I can login via the console as "thomas" or "clinic".
However, that does not change anything. The fallback mode persists in both cases.

Someone on a Japanese list suggested:
mv .cinnamon .cinnamon.bak
sudo reboot

I tried that too, but it did not help.

* Mr. Stephen suggested buing someone lunch to come over and help me get on my digital feet.
That is a very good idea.
But before I proceed that way, I will first offer my (likely annoying) self-introduction ...

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