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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint

> But I cannot make it work.
> Ctrl+Alt+F1 => I get the console
> "sudo adduser xxx => I am asked for a password.

When you do Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get the console it asks you for a username
first of all. Did you give your username, and then that password? (You
might've, but I just thought I'd check, being as you didn't say so

Once you're logged in, and see the "$" prompt, do you type "sudo adduser
xxx". It will then ask for *your* password again. This is "sudo" asking
for the password.

Then during the creation of user "xxx" it will ask you to choose the new
password, twice.

So, in total, you'll be typing in 4 passwords, the first two for your
current user, the second two are for your new user.


P.S. I think the new user idea is a good one, but if it also fails, the
next step is debugging X problems. Unless you are one of the gurus who
occasionally bless us with their presence here, it will be quicker to do
a fresh re-install. (If you've spent weeks installing extra packages,
and tweaking it just how you like it, then maybe it is worth the fight;
but it doesn't sound like you are at that stage yet.)

P.P.S. I don't ever remember getting Japanese input to work with wine.
However, if it can be done, this is the mailing list I would expect to
find out how. :-)

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