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Re: [tlug] Introduction and defense of home webserver

On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 11:42 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull
<> wrote:
> Kevin Sullivan writes:

>  > If any of you run a home webserver / know the issues or dangers, or
>  > could suggest the proper google search terms leading to the right
>  > sources? Thanks.
> Start with Bellovin and Cheswick "Firewalls and Internet Security"
> (the authors' names are spelled right, the book title is a bit shaky).

After that, register for CloudFare, and block all but their IPs.
Mass scanners, script kiddies, etc. will never touch your server directly,
and you can adjust your 'security level' with a simple slider on CF's
admin page.
They offer DNS, caching, WAF, DDoS protection, SSL and more for free,
and you can always upgrade your plan if you need even more.


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