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[tlug] Introduction and defense of home webserver

Greetings, Linux folk. Long ago, from TPC with Jim Tittsler's incredibly patient help, I ran a Linux router for my home Win and OS/2 network. Still a virtual Linux newbie with tenuous grasp of a few commands, though it's getting better.. maybe.

I am dipping my toes into running a Debian (stable) webserver (LAMP, Wordpress) at home from my cable connection.

The domain is up and only port 80 is forwarded through the router to my server. All my admin work would be done inside the home networks through SSH. Later I would be interested in allowing trusted remote users access (inside my own ISP and town) so I could host their virtual websites they maintain remotely. What is the minimum necessary, FTP, SSH?

Internet =>
Cable ISP =>
172.16..Router1 => (:80 forwarded to static IP server)
(192.168.2.. DHCP home network with Win7, Server, various WiFi mobile devices)

Security implications?

I do have a second gigabit LAN router2 that could be used to "segregate" the server to its own segment, but unsure if this would be useful or the proper configuration.

If any of you run a home webserver / know the issues or dangers, or could suggest the proper google search terms leading to the right sources? Thanks.

Kevin Sullivan.

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