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[tlug] Xen Master [C&C warning]

CL writes:

 > Can someone direct me to a Xen for Dummies level resource?

I don't think there are any.  Xen is not for dummies (that's why
VirtualBox exists).  You're not a dummy, but if you're not willing to
invest the time to Grokken der Jargonisch, perhaps it's time to hire a
subcontractor, or take on a (limited stake?) partner.  (Don't look at
me, I'd love the money and the chance to learn, but my spinup time is
probably way too long for you. :-)

 > 1.  Which files to download.
 > 2.  How to configure them.

This is nontrivial if security is a concern.

 > 3.  How to set up a guest / convert a .vdi.
 > 4.  How to make the contents of the guest seamlessly integrate as a 
 > separate desktop within my Debian host environment.

No, you don't want to do that ...

 > 5.  Whether the whole concept of "host" and "guest" is appropriate or 
 > are Jessie and Windows BOTH guests of the base kernel.

... because any desktop should be a guest.  The host (ring 0) should
be as minimal as possible.

 > ... and in English, if Sir pleases.

∲ (L dx + M dy) = ∬(∂M/∂x - ∂L/∂y) dx dy

er ... sorry, just thinking out loud in my native language. ;-)

 > Windows 10 Preview is throwing VirtualBox curves faster than Oracle can 
 > fix them.

Do you have good reason to believe that Xen can bat against Windows
like Ichiro does?  If not, maybe you're better off waiting for Oracle
(or do you actually already have customers who matter who insist on a
preview version of Windows? are you sure you want them? -- I know you
know your business, but again, are you sure you want customers who
want reliability, security, and insist on a preview version of

 > And, given the QUEMM hack issues I keep reading have not yet been
 > fixed, I guess it's time to think about the meaning of the word
 > "alternatives."

I agree.  But that doesn't mean any of the alternatives are better,
let alone "good".

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