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Re: [tlug] Xen Master

On Fri, 5 Jun 2015 11:27 CL <> wrote:

Can someone direct me to a Xen for Dummies level resource?  All of the
online sites I have found are written in Jargon (which I do not handle
well when all I want to do is fix and move along).  What I really want
to know is:

1.  Which files to download.
2.  How to configure them.
3.  How to set up a guest / convert a .vdi.
4.  How to make the contents of the guest seamlessly integrate as a
separate desktop within my Debian host environment.
5.  Whether the whole concept of "host" and "guest" is appropriate or
are Jessie and Windows BOTH guests of the base kernel.

... and in English, if Sir pleases.

Windows 10 Preview is throwing VirtualBox curves faster than Oracle can
fix them.  When I spend more time fixing an "upgrade" (sic) than using
it to make money, I start thinking in terms of changing out the part
that seems defective.  And, given the QUEMM hack issues I keep reading
have not yet been fixed, I guess it's time to think about the meaning of
the word "alternatives."


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Just a quick reply from my phone, but if you're mentioning Windows, can't you simply enable Hyper-V

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