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Re: [tlug] LINUXCON2k15 Is Happening...

I present about Raspberry PI 2 this year at Linuxcon
JP 2015, attendees were great.

2015年6月4日木曜日、Christian Horn<>さんは書きました:
On Thu, Jun 04, 2015 at 06:54:59AM -0300, wrote:
> Anybody attending LINUXCON2k15 happening these days? As I'm not
> attending again this year, would you care to mention your impressions
> of the event?

I am, some others also.
I took some notes and thoughts for colleagues, but let me post
it here on the list once linuxcon is over.
Will be interesting for more people here, and also provide
nice material for discussions and brainstorming :)

Fernando++ for bringing this up.


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