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Re: [tlug] Experience running internet connections over old Japanese wiring that wasn't designed for internet connections

Have you tried one of those WiFi range-extenders? They are wireless repeaters, picking up a signal and rebroadcast it. Some additional latency is introduced as a result, but this is the least intrusive way to extend coverage. In situations like the one you describe where the signal doesn't penetrate the floor well, a good spot for such a repeater would be in the stairwell area unless the building has fireproof stairwell with steel doors and heavy concrete walls, which I would not expect from your description.

On 18 March 2015 at 16:45, Edmund Edgar <> wrote:
For obscure reasons I'm sometimes working out of a room in an awesome,
exceedingly showa-poi converted business hotel. When I say
"converted", I mean that somebody's bought the building, painted over
the sign that used to say "Puraza Hoteru", put tasteful artistic
objects on the window ledges, installed a ping-pong table, a little
mini-golf thing and a some exercise stuff and started renting the
rooms out.

It has a good wifi router on one floor with a fairly decent internet
connection, but the signal isn't reliably getting to the floor above.
This place is built tough.

Ideally I'd get the owner to either run lan cables up to the other
floors and put in some more access points (or better, run cables to
the rooms I use) but this is going to involve spending money and
drilling holes in things, and I'm not sure if they'll be up for it.
But I do think I'll be able to persuade them to let me plug things
into their router.

So I'm wondering if I'd be able to get a signal over some of the
wiring that's already there, namely the electrical wiring or the TV
wiring (since all the rooms would have once had TVs, presumably
connected to an antenna somewhere).

There are some products out there that purport to be able to do things
like this, like this over COAX cable (I assume the TV wiring is COAX?)
...and this for running signals over electrical cable:

Does anyone have any experience with these devices (or inside
knowledge about wiring in old Japanese business hotels) or any
thoughts on whether these things are likely to work for me if I buy

Edmund Edgar
Founder, Social Minds Inc (KK)
Twitter: @edmundedgar
Linked In: edmundedgar
Skype: edmundedgar

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