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Re: [tlug] Beware Mark Karpeles (was VPS providers in Japan)

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 07:58:57PM +0200, David Santinoli wrote:

> Oh my!  Is he the guy who claimed he wrote a SSH server in PHP for his
> hosting business?  Is this mythical piece of craftsmanship in production
> on

Yes to the first question, and "very likely" to the second.

Setting aside the questionable sanity of giving this guy any money for any
reason, his coding quality is subpar.  Leaked code for MtGox can be found
and the Bitcoin community reaction is at;all

I'm astounded that he is either foolish enough or brazen enough to hawk his
wares here.  Given his antics with MtGox, and especially the amount of money
(regular currency and Bitcoin, both), it is highly likely that people are
looking for him.

In any event ... from a technical standpoint alone, his service should be


-- Chris
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