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Re: [tlug] Trackball [Re: Happy hacking keyboard]

Daniel A. Ramaley writes:

 > Years ago (1990s) i had a Kensington Expert Mouse.

An historical note:

I had one of those and loved it, but the electrical system went south
fast, and I decided not to risk another at the price, but switched to
a Logitech trackball.  I used that until I got a notebook PC: the
trackball was too big to carry around, and PS/2 mice were basically
free (mouse-based people were throwing the OEM mice away by the
cartload -- I just tried different ones until I found one that was
usable).  I'm so keyboard-oriented that I didn't actually miss the
Logitech (though I still have it somewhere ;-).  Another issue with
trackballs was that the desktop models were too big for airplane and
shinkansen trays, and the travel models were a joke as far as accuracy
went (at least at the price level I could justify).  So I ended up
carrying a mouse and using my leg as a mousepad.

Of course this is so long ago (I bought the trackballs in 1992, and
the Logitech was in daily use until about 2000) that brand information
is no longer useful.

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