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Re: [tlug] Scanner not found

Ralph, any luck with this? I think I'm having exactly the same problem.

I got the printer half of the Brother DCP-7055 working by: a) making
sure I have the cups-server package installed, and *then* b) installing
the Brother driver. (The generic driver does not work, and the Brother
driver didn't try to detect if the cups-server dependency was installed,
so also didn't work first time I tried it!)

But the scanner has proven unsolvable [1], and I eventually gave up, and
am using it connect to a windows machine, then moving scans to a USB
stick to get them on linux.

As I need to do the upgrade from Mint 16 to Mint 17 (aka Ubuntu 13.10 to
14.04), I've been saving having another go at the scanner for after
that. If that magically fixes it, I'll let you know. (Though I think you
are already on Mint 17, so I don't expect it will.)


[1]: This question, on what I thought might be related, turned out to be
a red herring:

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