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Re: [tlug] High-quality pan-CJK typeface from Google+Adobe

On 2014年07月16日 08:50, Travis Cardwell wrote:

I am quite excited about a new font!  It is released under the Apache 2.0
license, has unified coverage of Japanese, Korean, Simplified, and
Traditional characters, and it has seven weights!

Thanks for this information, Travis. I have passed this on to other lists.

Frank Hoffman, who manages the Korean Studies list and web site, wrote back to me with the following. I suspect that you might not have an answer, and if that's the case, I'll write to my friend at Adobe. -- Chuck


  I cannot get the Noto Sans CJK fonts to work in MS Word on a Mac. I
am at the latest version of Mac OSX and have the latest update of MS
Word for Mac 2011. Does this require 'Microsoft Office 365' (which
seems to widely opens your computer to various state "authorities" to
look over your shoulder in warm care)? The fonts work in all programs I
tried, including MS Excel and other non MS programs, but in MS Word I
get an extra trailing space after Hanja characters -- even if I apply
that Noto font to words/names I had already typed and formatted in
another font such as Batang. As an example, it is impossible to write "
漢子" -- I only can write "漢 子". Any information related to this? (I
could not find anything.) These would otherwise be absolutely wonderful


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