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[tlug] TLUG wiki


Is the TLUG wiki ( still alive? It seems that the
only pages updated are those about monthly meetings.

I recently joined AsahiNet (TLUG sponsor) and they use a special
mailbox where you receive useful messages (cashback info), but which
for some internal reason can not be automatically forwarded. Customer
service suggested me to configure another account on my mail client
and use it to automatically transfer the mail to my main mailbox, but
this doesn't fit my mail setup (mutt + offlineimap + own mail
server). My solution is finally to use getmail and sendmail in a cron
command to grab and bounce the messages:
    getmail_fetch -qds USER PASSWORD "| /usr/sbin/sendmail MY-ADDRESS"
Since there might be other AsahiNet subscribers in TLUG, some of them
using mutt, I could add this doc in the TLUG wiki. But is it still

Nicolas LIMARE                         pgp:0xFA423F4F

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