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Re: [tlug] Program to Mirror Individual Files?

On 11/19/2013 09:15 AM, Darren Cook wrote:
> The --partial will carry on a large transfer that got interrupted. I
> actually discovered it when wanting to continue an scp transfer of a
> very large file that stopped halfway. scp does not have anything, so the
> advice was to switch to rsync to finish the job!

Indeed but these tools are more "WAN" category, I think.

The Linux file system provides built-in network capabilities to
accomplish this task without worrying about which particular tool to
use. We tend to forget about that. Myself included!

You just have to look at your control panel for wizards on "NFS" shares,
be it across disk or machines.

Save your exported appliance to that location and you're done.

                SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. ~ / # +55-21-7894-7272 [@GMT-2]

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