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Re: [tlug] linuxdevices for display on a tv


On Sun, Oct 06, 2013 at 12:43:19PM +0900, Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
> I think I got the idea better now...
> [..]

Thanks, great idea, will go for that.
In "parts available in germany" it translates into
an adapter which fetches mini Displayport+usb audio (~54$) and and
adapter displayport -> miniDP (~6$).

> From the description, it provides a "USB sound card (stereo)" that you
> can select as output and the adapter combines that with DP to make
> HDMI-w-audio. Not the cheapest out there probably, but if it works it
> should be e no brain solution.

Still cheapest solution here, and reuses the existing x200.


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