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Re: [tlug] linuxdevices for display on a tv

On 10/05/2013 06:22 PM, Christian Horn wrote:

I recently installed Fedora+XMBC on a Thinkpad x200 with docking
station - just to find out that this hardware does not transport
audio over the displayport.  Via a displayport->hdmi converter I
wanted to connect this to a TV.  Missing audio, this combination
will not work out for me.

I don't know how things are in displayport land, but some HDMI
resolutions don't support audio. Did you try different resolutions?
At least 1280x720@60 should both be supported by your TV and have

I am looking for advice, considering the following requirements:

- I want to control the device myself, install and run Linux etc.
- HDMI output should be provided, including audio
- taking all of the above into account I would take a raspberry pi,
   a beagleboard or such.  Yet besides playing media with mplayer,
   I would like to see Japanese ドラマ directly with a webbrowser.
   For streaming only Adobe flash is used.. this seems to prevent
   ARM from beeing used.

Get a small size x86 barebones kit and build on that? Like an Intel
 NUC or similar form Gigabyte, etc.

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