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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

CL writes:

 > mention in the configuration pages for 4.0.22 (running on Kubuntu 

Patient:  Running Kubuntu hurts.
Doctor:  Well, stop it, then.

"Software for the rest of us" is like "child-proof caps".  Only
children can learn to effortlessly open the latter.  Why are you
surprised that the former only works for the technologically hopeless?
The fact that you found a mailing list in this day of "Line" and "web
fora" indicates you're not.

I really can't recommend Gentoo (their dependency wanking has my box
seemingly permanently in a state where a couple score packages need to
be reinstalled), but given you can easily get advice on RHEL or
Fedora, Debian or FreeBSD on this list, why keep whacking your head
with that hammer?  Use a distribution that leaves you in control of
your fate.

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