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Re: [tlug] Retail Shop (Tokyo Area) for Network Appliances / Recommendation

Dear Darren, domo arigato for your input.

On 07/28/2013 08:17 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
> (I'd be surprised if there is a retail outlet; for anything big and
> expensive enough that Bic et al do not sell it, it is likely to be sold
> by salesmen.)

Indeed as anywhere else in the world. And that's my issue finding an
adequate "gaijin friendly" partner.

But there is this byproduct question that may be easier. Does Japan Post
allow me to send stuff bought online to the nearest branch and then I
pick up there? Should I just address the package to the branch? I know
this doesn't exist in the US.

                SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. ~ / # +55-21-7894-7272 [@GMT-3]

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