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Re: [tlug] Reverse DNS Delegatation

Curt Sampson writes:

 > > "out-of-the-box", all underlying services enabled and a tracking
 > > record of good working order.....
 > What is this "tracking record" you speak of?

Presumed non-native speaker.  "Track record" was meant, I guess.

 > > I watched on web console this 15k plus messages being held up in
 > > queue....  Was sitting there live, online. The minute they
 > > committed the "rDNS" record change, things started to follow
 > > again.
 > This could be related to this "tracking record" thing you're using
 > that was forcing to make other configuration changes that would
 > otherwise be unnecessary.

He didn't specify what the "rDNS" changed from or to (but we can infer
the latter).  Since changing "rDNS" did the trick, I guess that after
the hardware update, the PTR was invalid by all definitions proposed
in this thread.  (And by the RFC definition -- I didn't have the RFC in
front of me when I posted.  *None* of us are reliable witnesses!)

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