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Re: [tlug] Reverse DNS Delegatation


On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 11:07:51AM -0300, SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. wrote:
> It's my understanding that you must own the IP range to make this
> particular setting. You can't just ask them to delegate these to your
> control. Isn't something like your type "A" or "MX" records.

To my understanding
- the ISP providing you the ip should also have the reverse zones
  delegated to him
- so he has the power on configuring the PTR record as the customer
- Most customers also allow customers to freely set PTR for 'their'
  IP's, i.e. with a web interface or triggered via mail

If an ISP is not able to escalate such a request to people that
understand "DNS PTR record", then one might also doubt that ISP will 
be able to provide services in a reliable manner..


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