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[tlug] Reverse DNS Delegatation

Howdy TLUG,

I've been tearing my hair out trying to get an ISP to understand that I
would like to buy their product and have them delegate the DNS reverse zone
to my DNS Servers.

The sales guy says he's never heard this request, sent me to tech support,
who were no help, and said to call sales.

Am I asking incorrectly? I had a native speaker, facile with www and sql
servers, help me with the request, but he doesn't understand DNS.


Am I trying to order the wrong product and getting the run around.

The ISP is:

I've asked them about both the Entry and Standard Level products, but I'm
starting to think the ISP only offers reverse delegation for the F Line
(Flets) product, but have been unable to determine this from their web site.

If you have experience with this company or have successfully ordering
Reverse Delegation, could you be so kind as to share or look over my

Example of my Japanese request below.

Thanks so much in Advance,

-- Shaun

ISP は、私に与えられたIPアドレスの範囲に対する全ての逆引きDNSクエリーを私に転送しなければなりません。



ISP では、逆引きDNSデリゲーションのために使用されるDNSサーバは以下の通りです。


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