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[tlug] printer server

Is anyone using this, or similar:
PLANEX 双方向通信対応 Wi-Fiシンプルプリントサーバ(LAN×2/USB 2.0ポート)
It is just 2,238 yen.

I currently connect our Brother HL-20 laser printer to a linux home
server. But: a) I'm trying to gradually retire that server (*); b) we've
never got printing from Windows to work, even though I've set it up over
samba, and in fact that is how I connect to print from linux!

If it just works, as some of the reviews say, it seems ideal. But other
reviews appear to be saying it just doesn't work. This review [1] seems
to be saying you have to install special software on clients. His point
about only one connected client at a time I can live with, but it does
have to work with Linux, not just Windows. OTOH, this review [2] seems
to say everything worked really well when he switched to TPC mode; does
that do away with the need for installing on the client I wonder...


*: It still runs Ubuntu 8.04, so is getting old... In fact my other
question is people's thoughts on, e.g.
(BUFFALO RAID1対応 NAS(ネットワークHDD, 21,543 yen for 2TB, which I
assume means it will be 1TB with RAID 1.)


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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