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Re: [tlug] kickstarter for open source...

Am 14.06.13 16:18, schrieb Ulrike Schmidt:
I'm fairly sure a target of say $5000 would be reached. Would that
change the minds of any of the current core developers? Would it be
incentive enough to bring in a new core developer (*)? I.e. we're not
employing them. We're sponsoring the first project that brings them
up-to-speed. After that they are a volunteer just like the rest of the
core team.
One could also look for a freelancer on a freelancer site like

Current hits: 6 for phantomJS, 248 for Qt, 0 for the combination, 141 for Qt and JavaScript.

But I am not sure they would want to become a volunteer in the long run. It might be a possibilty to manage the legal part if you find a candidate in another way? I have no experience with this site, though. But I have $100 coupon that is valid until August 1st which I would donate :-)

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