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Re: [tlug] [OT] Short-term cell phone access (SIM card, etc.)

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:03 AM, Simon Cozens wrote:
On 21/05/2013 15:52, SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. wrote:
> "It is prohibited by law to provide SIM card with phone number to
> short-term travelers in Japan for security reason."

OK, this is interesting. We bought a Softbank pre-paid phone, which we lend to
guests when they visit us. (I don't think any of them have tried swapping the
SIM into their phones.) I hadn't realised we're breaking the law...
I wouldn't say that you are breaking the law. The SIM is yours, and as such you take responsibility for its usage. 
It is equivalent to letting them use your own phone. 

That law is aimed to the mobile companies, not you.


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