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Re: [tlug] Looking Into Building HTPC

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 5:09 AM, Nikolay Elenkov <> wrote:
2013年 5月 10日(金)9:50 am に Henry Addo さんは書きました:

> Unfortunately, newegg doesn't ship to Japan but I believe there should be
> similar online shops like that one, that I can order stuff from. Listed
> below are the hardware I want to buy for the HTPC.

For example,

They may not have exactly the same parts, but should have
similar stuff. You don't really need a remote if you have
(or plan to get) a smartphone.

Thanks. I'll check this one out. I don't mind similar parts. 

That is true but my wife will prefer a traditional remote control. I have some convincing to do here if I should go that route.

How well does Blu-ray work with Linux these days BTW?
(for watching the latest movies)

It works on Ubuntu although a bit cumbersome...

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