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Re: [tlug] linux mint japanese input

On 02/08/2013 03:26 AM, s smith wrote:
Hi All.

Is anyone running Mint?  I read a good review and decided to give it a try.
My solution to the language input problem in Linux Mint was to replace it with Kubuntu.

As a KDE user, I was worried about the possible demise of Kubuntu and, in December, when I accidentally removed most of my desktop along with the non-working VirtualBox version I was actually trying to eliminate (removing the desktop when using the "sudo apt-get remove" instruction was one of the bugs in that version, as a couple of hundred other users also found out before Oracle issued a patch), I went looking for alternatives and tried about 6~8 different Linux flavors, discarding each one for various reasons.

Like you, I also read a good review and installed Linux Mint 13 LTE on my laptop and desktop. I tried the Cinnamon, MATE, and KDE desktops.

- Then, I had trouble installing the language files and the multi-language support. - Then I had trouble setting up the search engines I regularly use because they don't pay click fees to the Linux Mint programmers and several of my regular websites would not allow internal searching with the Linux Mint default choices. - Then, when v.14 came along, I tried a "simple" Ubuntu-style upgrade and found that Mint doesn't support them -- they want you to strip your HDD and do a fresh install every time.

So, my solution was to return to Kubuntu 12.10, which _does_ support language switching and a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff I'm used to doing and supports programs and the search engines of my choice without a lot of "explanation" when they don't.


But, here is what I tried, and the result:

I'm trying to get Japanese input going at this pointand am configuring Language. They have a tool like Ubuntu(no surprise) for this and ibus isn't one of the options for keyboard input. I'm seeing lo-gtk and th-gtk. I'm wondering where to go from here. Should I install ibus? What about anthy. If you have any warnings/suggestions before I proceed -- please advise :) Thanks Steve S.
I futzed around with language input for about two weeks in Linux Mint, then gave up. When I upgraded the Linux kernel, I kept receiving messages that there was "no explicit support for en_US.UTF-8" and iBus was removed.

My personal "bible" for iBus input support is Lyle Saxon's post to this forum of 12/09/2011 08:59 PM.

There is a post from me, dated 12/19/2012 which detailed my own personal trials / tribulations. I don't like the lo-gtk and th-gtk options. I specifically wanted iBus. If you don't want iBus support, and want to press on, stop reading here.

When I followed Lyle's instructions to install required files from the command line, I kept receiving the following output:

# im-switch -s ibus

No system wide default defined just for locale en_US .

Use "all_ALL" quasi-locale and set IM.

update-alternatives: error: alternative /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/ibus for xinput-all_ALL not registered; not setting

but, a check of my LOCALE settings showed everything _was_ set to en_US.UTF-8 and iBus could be loaded manually.

At it's best, I could start a working copy of iBus manually, even though I'd included it in my Startup. After start, I had to type L Alt + F2 -> ibus setup.

YMMV, but I don't like Linux Mint.


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