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Re: [tlug] NAS/DNS noob questions

Thanks guys,
It's not just the NAS. Transfer speeds don't usually get stuck at zero when copying from remote (fluctuate from 800 kB/s to 1.4 MB/s is common). Sometimes it seems like the network gets overwhelmed when big files are being written to the NAS, and data transfers from the NAS seem to stop, which coincides with failures to connect to our remote mail server (somehow).
For intraoffice laptop -> NAS transfers I see speeds of about 4 MB/s. I will look at the blinking lights and error indicators next.

On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 1:22 PM, Curt Sampson <> wrote:
On 2013-01-31 13:35 +0900 (Thu), Miles Colman wrote:

> We have a problem with our intranet where using filezilla on my Win XP
> laptop to get files from a remote server gives transfer speeds of 8 MB/s,
> but getting the same files from the same server using filezilla on a linux
> box in the Japan office and putting them on the local NAS yields transfer
> speeds of 1.4 MB/s.
> ...
> ...but this thread also seemed
How are you measuring the speed of file transfer? Just one figure at
the end of total data size over time used, or are you looking at it
interactively as the transfer goes along?

If you're doing the latter, and you're not seeing a long period of
0-rate transfer followed by a sudden jump to normal speeds, you do not
have the problem described in that serverfault article.

Really, it does sound to me like the NAS. Does the NAS serve anything,
on any protocol, to any client, above 1.4 MB/sec? Have you checked
the network status lights on the switch and NAS to ensure that you're
seeing a full-speed, full-duplex connection? Have you checked the error
indicators for those ports, if any? I would also try swapping the cable
for a new or known-good one.

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