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Re: [tlug] NAS/DNS noob questions

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Miles Colman <> wrote:
Does anyone know a good DNS troubleshooting tutorial? Something including reverse resolution 'dig' queries?

We have a problem with our intranet where using filezilla on my Win XP laptop to get files from a remote server gives transfer speeds of 8 MB/s, but getting the same files from the same server using filezilla on a linux box in the Japan office and putting them on the local NAS yields transfer speeds of 1.4 MB/s.

I know the NAS being slow could be the problem, but this thread also seemed related: (We had similar 'filezilla fast, ftp slow' symptoms)


Not 100% sure where DNS comes into this, do you need to use the servers FQDN when accessing it to get the files, or can you connect to it by it's IP address? Also, if you avoid the NAS in the local test, and save the transfer locally, are you getting higher speeds? Maybe then you can at least find out if it's the NAS side of things.

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