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Re: [tlug] Testing

On Sun, Sep 09, 2012 at 04:20:54PM -0700, s smith wrote:
> I do the same but when I do ask questions here, the answers I get are 
> often better than I find elsewhere on the net.  What fascinates me about 
> this list is that the most unexpected things can kick off a thread (like 
> this one) that ends up going in directions the original poster no doubt 
> didn't expect but that are usually worth following.

Lists are also much better for parsing questions.
Often one has not the right keywords at hand for a search, nothing beats
a human reading the description of the topic.

As for webforums:
I think they gain people just because more people are familiar with it.
Some reputation might be expressed with points, reputation also exists
on lists - its just not expressed in points.  


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