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Re: [tlug] AV Preferences for Android

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Jim Breen <> wrote:
> 2012/3/30 Stephen J. Turnbull <>:
>> I have seen several reports that free products for Android aren't
>> worth the bandwidth to download them.
> I wonder who wrote the reports? I've downloaded about 10
> free apps, and I don't have complaints about any of them.
> Excellent value given the price   8-)
> Did you mean anti-malware apps?

Yes, I specifically meant anti-malware apps.  I don't have an opinion
about the general run of apps, since I don't have time to sample more
than about 10^-10 of the population, but security apps I hold to a
reasonably high standard since they are very often net-negative (like
when the secretary of the CS chair decided that the University
firewall meant she could uninstall McAfee, and so (inadvertantly) went
into the business of distributing malwares by mail).

>> ....The ZDNet report I recently read was
>> that of about 25 such products applied to a sample of about 20 common
>> malwares, the best (which also was a teaser for a commercial product)
>> detected just over half, and the worst (complete freeware), *none*.
>> None of them were trojans, at least. :-/
> Ah, ZDNet. They've been churning out articles about Android
> that look ghost-written by Apple.

Indeed, but that's why I report the facts they reported.

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