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Re: [tlug] Stupid mistake?

Update on this: after a few days, the thing apparently stopped giving
her trouble, and went back to working as it had before. Weeeeeiiiird.
She's coming home tomorrow, so that seems to be the end of the story :-}


On Mon, Jan 9, 2012, at 22:19, David J Iannucci wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm thinking I made a stupid mistake. Short version: my wife is in
> Japan now, on an extended trip, and I had her take her (small form
> factor) desktop PC with her (borrowing a monitor from a friend),
> because it was the easiest way to give her a comfortable computing
> environment with all of her "stuff" just there with no hassle.... and
> she needed to use the 'Net at home rather than "around town", etc etc.
> Well, now that she's been using it about a month, all of a sudden,
> the machine won't power up. There's just a soft, falling whine (like
> a HDD spinning down), and then blackness. Not even a post screen.
> When she told me this, I suddenly realized that I hadn't thought she
> might need a voltage converter. I'm so used to the idea that
> electrical things just pretty much work between US and Japan....
> never occurred to me :-(
> Have we fried her power supply?  It's lower voltage than the PS is
> expecting, but... does that matter?  Is there any other plausible
> explanation for this?  If this is the right diagnosis, has there
> possibly been damage to internal peripherals?
> Thanks.
> Dave

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