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Re: [tlug] Browser/Font Question

Jim Breen writes:

 > Do you do that to all UTF-8-encoded CJKs? I thought XEmacs had grown up
 > by now 8-)]

English LANG + 10X as many Chinese as Japanese => who gets priority in
the default?  Usually it's not an issue -- XEmacs is smart enough to
make charset runs as long as possible -- but you've only got one
character there and no kana.

 > > What do you mean by "no fiddling with font settings"?  Font settings
 > > in the apps,
 > In the apps. FF has some settings about what you'd like as
 > defaults.

Do you use a web framework for 

 > > .....or (on Linux) fonts.conf (this might be in
 > > /etc/fonts/fonts.conf or elsewhere depending on distro, and can be
 > > changed per user in ~/.fonts.conf)?
 > No font names in there. Just general structural stuff.

Then there's some kind of set up for including stuff, because
fontconfig really really sucks without a decent fonts.conf.  Search
for "include", there's probably a Debian-style conf.d specified.

 > I tried that (apt-get remove ...) and now I see the Japanese version
 > of 直, etc. It may have some side-effects, but who cares....

Yeah.  If you're looking at Chinese, you'll probably get different
Chinese fonts. :-)

I bet those are fonts from a Chinese foundry that claim to implement

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