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Re: [tlug] Holy smokes, Unity and Gnome 3 suck worse than I ever could have imagined.


> You are missing the point. As you say, they match the technology they were designed for.

No, they (the UI for these different devices) only match the size they
were designed for.

You can come at it from all the angles you want, but unless you're
using some wildly different device than the rest of us, you're
pointing at a 2D screen. You may touch it with your finger, you may
use a mouse, you may see the pointer graphic, you may not, your screen
might be the size of your palm it might be the size of your desk... it
might be LCD, CRT, or digital paper... whatever... it's all a 2D
plane, on which you point at things. That has not changed in 30 years.

The difference which actually drives changes in US over the last
couple decades has been screen size. That's all. That's why a
point-at-app-icons interface works on an iPhone but sucks on a huge
screen. And vice versa.

Screen size. That's it, and that's all.

So when Unity tries to make my dual monitor set up run and work like a
hand held device, that's stupid.

Dave M G

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