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Re: [tlug] Holy smokes, Unity and Gnome 3 suck worse than I ever could have imagined.

On 2011-10-18 07:45, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> Ubuntu has done, and is doing, a lot of great work, but everything about
> Unity is pure garbage. I don't know anyone who doesn't hate it, and it
> isn't even visually appealing. They claim to be looking at Apple as the

For what it's worth, I switched from using Xmonad to Unity as I tracked
the 11.10 alpha/beta releases.  I've customized some key combinations to
more closely match my old Xmonad (and OS X Optimal Layout) habits and am
getting along OK.  I do find it frustrating that the launcher's prefix
character can't be changed without recompiling, but I've managed to
learn to use a different chord.  I suppose I like it because it is so
easily keyboard-driven.

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