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Re: [tlug] Computer won't boot after upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10

Hi Dave,

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 5:17 PM, Martin G <> wrote:
> Anyway, the short story is that after what seemed like a silky smooth
> upgrade process, one of my computers won't boot up. (My other two
> computers upgraded without a hitch, so at least it's not all bad.)

Are the 3 machines identical, or is there something different about this one?

> Oh, and I removed any extraneous USB devices so as to hopefully avoid
> any confusion.
> Any ideas on what I can try to get my Ubuntu 11.10 to boot?
> Or at least how I can poke at it so that it will tell me what's wrong?

About Darren's comment, I can't remember well, but a couple of weeks
ago, I had a problem with an Ubuntu system and wanted to boot off the
disc and look around.  However, there was something wrong and I can't
remember what it the end, I grabbed a Debian boot disk which
had the option.  If neither works for you, you can try writing a
Knoppix disc.

If you suspect it is an NVidia problem, you might want to edit the
xorg configuration file.

But Darren's sledgehammer approach is longest in terms of real time,
but in terms of your time, it is probably the fastest (just pick the
installation options and let it reinstall everything).  Second (or
third?) time around, you might also want to opt out of any graphical
interface to see if it boots; if so, then add Gnome, etc. and see
where it breaks...


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