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Re: [tlug] Windows 8 secure boot would exclude Linux

> On 10/13/2011 04:13 AM, Charles Muller wrote:
>> This article, and others, are warning of the latest exclusionary
>> move by Microsoft:
>> Has anyone heard any discussions on possible workarounds? Of course,
>> there is still plenty of time before this becomes a reality...

I haven't read much on it yet (I will follow those links soon!), but
Linux Outlaws did a discussion on the subject.  Apparently the
signature requirement would be a toggle in the bios that could be
turned on and off, but Windows would not run without turning it on.

If this is true then it would mean a system had to be one or the
other, and the closest you could get to dual booting would be to run a
Linux VM on a Windows host.

I am off to follow links!


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