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Re: [tlug] Faxmodem Configuration

On 23/06/2011 09:27, CL wrote:
All I want is a program that lets me write my message in the word
processor of my choice, select the faxmodem as an alternative printer,
enter a phone number, and press the large, friendly red "Send" button.

I suggest efax ( and its' counterpart efax-gtk. Although I don't think you can "print to fax" with this, you can print to a Postscript file and pick it up with efax-gtk GUI, type in the fax number and press send. I found it considerably less complicated than either hylafax or mgetty+sendfax.

Using a Thinkpad X40, I had zero success with the onboard "Winmodem" and after much fiddling gave up and used an old PCMCIA modem - it worked straightaway.


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