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Re: [tlug] Faxmodem Configuration

On 06/23/2011 09:50 AM, Mark Makdad wrote:
On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 8:34 AM, CL <
<>> wrote:

    My troubles with iBus go back about a week to my feeble attempts to set
    up my Kubuntu to send and receive faxes for a client who pays well; pays
    on time; and does not want to hear the word "Internet" uttered in their
    collective presence.  Let's stipulate that any discussion of how to
    teach them connectivity is off topic and an irritant only.

I don't intend to act as an irritant by suggesting a work-around that
you've likely already thought of, but hey, there's a chance.

I'd consider using a Fax<->Email service gateway to get around this problem.

If your client pays well/on time, I'd sign up for an eMobile contract,
plug it into the back of the server, and when they ask about it, call it
"the fax machine of the future".

Thanks, Mark, but this is too much tech for the people involved. We're not dealing with mere mortals here, we're dealing with 天下, one of whom actually headed a Ministry in the Ohira years and insists on preparing replies with a brush and ink. His only concessions to modernity have been allowing the installation of a push button phone and a secretary under 40 when his old assistant wanted to retire.

Yeah, asinine requirements but good pay, on time and in full. I have many American clients who could learn a thing or six about making payments from these folks ... as long as they don't discuss their comms needs ... I couldn't take much more of that.


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