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Re: [tlug] MeeGo? Netvertibles?

2011年 6月 21日(火)10:45 am に David J Iannucci さんは書きました:
> What I *am* attracted to is the Lenovo s10-3t, a so-called "netvertible"
> (convertible tablet netbook). I've seen one in person, and googled
> around, and am not convinced it or its Linux support is necessarily
> solid enough for my needs. I've also just found the Dell Inspiron Duo,
> which has a pretty slick way of converting...

If Android fits your needs, you might want to look at Eee Pad Transformer,
Motorola Atrix and similar devices. None of them available in Japan though.

> One thing I've discovered in this process is a Linux distro(?) called
> MeeGo which seems to be the Linux world's answer to a tablet OS. Looks
> interesting. Anyone know where it stands and have any thoughts on
> whether I should hang any hopes on it?

At this point it looks pretty much dead compared to iOS and Android, so
not much point in investing in it.

> Are there any interesting products available (perhaps solely) in Japan
> now that might answer to my needs?

Japan gets all the cool stuff with a terrible delay :( Devices by Japanese
manufacturers are popping up, but they still have a long way to go.

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